The Works

Full-length and One Act Plays.
Comedy and Drama!. Material for actor readings and director consideration. Production elements have been kept to minimum to allow budget conscious staging. Details and draft scripts can be made available on request.

Scripts for The Screen.
Creative original tales of comedy and drama. Among them, real-life stories and events featuring characters, drawn from the back pages of our own local history. Taking us beyond those borders to capture the world at large.

Songs and Lyrics Catalogue.
Songs recorded by established artists alongside yet to be published demo tracks with vocals and lyrics. Featuring a selection from a catalogue of songs in various genres, available for recording. For more information, contact: for usage and availability. Works are registered

‘The Teleporter’s Handbook’ 
An Entertaining Collection of Adult Fables & Tall Tales transporting you into a world beyond your wildest travel plans! ALSO:  ‘Picasso On A Napkin’ ( Lyric poems, songs, raps & rants). Click Here To Purchase! 

(1) The Musical Theatre Project
Satie Project Notes 2
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Watch video:
About the Aniscope process.

Buzz Wray and His Telephone
302 Denison: Block on Hill
, 2017 Brandon Poole: Installation Documentation for 2017 UVic Graduating Exhibition. VHS footage from ‘The Weatherman’, 1992. Written and Directed by David Simmonds. Shot on Location at the Gonzales Hill Observatory. Narration by David Simmonds.
The Jimmy Pattison Group Project.
The Jimmy Patterson Group Trade Show.