(The Alma Rattenbury Story)

‘Lozanne’- Characters and screenplay.

The love triangle, murder, suicide and sensational trial that transfixed a nation. A celebrated architect, a beautiful woman who had been a child musical prodigy before serving as a nurse in the fields of France during W.W.1. Awarded the ‘Croix de Guerre’ , Alma Victoria Packenham was to be married twice before meeting Frances Mason Rattenbury. He was 53, married with grown up children. Alma was 28. Outlawed by the society for their blatant affair, they moved to Bournemouth U.K. A devoted housekeeper and companion, Irene Riggs enters the picture, followed by Stoner, a simple county lad, still a teenager. What followed was to wreak havoc on all their lives. A murder, a sensational trial, followed by a suicide and an acquittal of the death sentence. It was to create an early ‘paparazzo’ and worthy predecessor to tabloid press. As one of the characters puts it. ‘You’re looking for a good story? This one is a Greek tragedy, mate’!

Film script (105 pages).
‘LOZANNE’ Screenplay outline.
STONER- Bornemouth Echo
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Postcards from Amor

Born William Smith in Nova Scotia, he was to travel from N.Y.C. to California. Abandoning the comparative safety of the wagon trains heading west in search of gold. Bill Smith, as he was then known, bought an early daguerreotype camera and tripod and travelled the rest of that dangerous journey, across the desert alone on horseback. Arriving in California he opted to change his name to Amor de Cosmos. (Lover of the Universe). Later he became 2nd premier of British Columbia and founded the Daily Colonist. And that was just the beginning. Now in 2020, having died more than 100 years ago, he is being spotted amongst us. Leaving an instagram postcard as a souvenir of his encounters.

Amor de Cosmos (Short bio)Postcards from Amor. (Synopsis & draft screenplay).

Rebeccah’s Revenge

(Pilot episodic ‘in the works’)

For two murders she did not commit, Janet Fox awaits execution on death row. The day arrives and Janet is strapped into the electric chair. The lever is pulled. The current surges and …when the smoke clears, Janet is still alive! This procedure is carried out a second and then, a third time. Janet, despite the ordeal, survives. (Albeit, a little burnt around the edges). The officials responsible for this miscarriage of justice, concoct a strategy to avert embarrassment. Formally announcing to press, broadcast and social media the execution was successful, Janet is given a complete make-over and new identity. Reborn as Chloe Fry, along with the promise of future luxury in a secret location. But our survivor has other ideas. She hosts a sumptuous dinner for her accusers and for their just dessert, serves death by chocolate. Revenge! A second make-over completes her true freedom and resurrection. Exiting the scene, having no fingerprints to leave behind, she is ready to take on the injustice of women like herself.