Two Tickets to Kathmandu

Edith Gluck was a ‘serious’ actor before she met and married. Barry Gluck, the star of ‘Barry the Parrot’, a successful television show for children. Filming an Easter special before a live audience, the future of the show was destroyed by an unfortunate on-set mishap. After this, the Gluck’s were left few alternatives. Hired for kid’s birthdays, office parties, touring pubs, clubs and legion halls performing abridged Shakespearean skits with Barry in his parrot costume. On vacation in Kathmandu, Barry Gluck is killed, after a delayed earthquake tremor strikes while he is hanging, parrot style, upside down in a tree. Edith, now a widow approaching middle age, resides in the main apt of their house in Camden Town, along with the spirit of Mr. Gluck and some artifacts from their past. She is in the habit of addressing the stuffed replica of Mr. Gluck as if he were still alive. And expects visitors and house guests to do likewise. Mr. Gluck, often interjects comments in the style of a Shakespearean insult. Percy Brewer, an aspiring young actor, arrives to rent the advertised vacancy in the Gluck house. Their meeting takes them on a journey to Kathmandu in the quest to finally release the spirit of Barry Gluck to dwell among his beloved feathered friends.

Keywords: Barry Gluck is dead to everyone but Edith and the audience. Prone to interjecting Shakespearean insults, wearing a parrot mask. Percy Brewer an aspiring young actor answers an ad for a room in Edith’s house. Older woman/ younger man. Opportunity and seduction. Travel to Kathmandu. Edith meets Dr. Raj Kamur.

Genre: Comedy.
Run time: 88 minutes
Acts: 2
Cast: 3 M / 1W

Dinner with Nigel.

Arthur and Martha were once a bon-vivant couple. Now middle aged, those good times are memories. Quick to find fault with each other, they often argue the details of what they once celebrated. Arthur recently lost his steady job and Martha constantly cajoles him to get off his butt and working again. Stranded in this tense relationship, while trying to rekindle happier days, Martha decides something must be done to save their marriage. Purely by chance after reading of an article in one of Arthur’s magazines, Martha takes a gamble on an investment in their future. Welcome to Nigel*. The answer to their prayers? An android servant. Engineered to make life so much easier than one could ever imagine – at a price. Will this new member of the family bring harmony to their tense household? Oh, and it should be mentioned, Nigel is a ‘refurbished’ model. But then, nobody’s perfect.

For Nigel/ Nigella consider female or non- gender specific actor of any ethnicity with some movement skills. Although open to casting NIGEL with gender fluid actor, in this version Nigel is identified as ‘he’.

Keywords: A future threatened by technology. What will it take to save a marriage? Seeking solutions. Investment in a refurbished android. Meet Nigel. Will he restore harmony in their realtionship for Arthur and Martha? What could go wrong? Plenty!

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 90 minutes
Acts: 2
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 1


A conversation between two gay married men and a third uninvited and unwelcome ‘guest’. It takes place in a B & B the two men have visited on vacation for the past eight years. The familiar location acts as a confessional, providing a common ground to air and purge their differences and rekindle their commitment to each other. However, their vacation this year coincides with the time of an impending sickness carried by a species of rogue mosquito. This virus causes a fever with early symptoms of degenerative morbidity. Mozzie, the third character is visible in human form ONLY to the audience.

Keywords: A gay married couple hashing over problems in their marriage. The annual vacation to rekindle their commitment to each other faces an additional challenge. An uninvited guest in the form of a life size rogue mosquito. The threat of a fever that incurs degenerative morbidity. Reflections of an impending pandemic. The world can be a dangerous place. Dress to survive or you could die!

Genre: Dark Comedy.
Acts: 1
Run time: 40 minutes
Cast:: (3) 2 M / 1 W

The Appointment of a Scapegoat.

Following the sudden death of their parents in a tragic car accident, two enstranged sisters Julia, (the elder) and Charity (adopted) reunite. This reunion is submerged in memories of their childhood games. The inherent jockeying attached to sibling rivalry, is magnified by Charity (a.k.a. Little Sister) unloved by the parents who adopted her. Refuelling the competitiveness becomes to win whichever game is played. We are introduced to encounters with various boy-friends Charity had attracted before leaving home. Julia, on the surface appears protective towards her Little Sister, bears a grudge. She welds a steely undercurrent that reveals a ruthless ambition to possess and control. There is also the question of her possible involvement in the fatal car accident of their parents. And the ensuing struggle for property and estate. The canvas to this dark tale is the old house soaked in the Celtic calendar, rituals and roots. The only possible solution to this jigsaw requires the appointment of a scapegoat.

Genre. Murderous Celtic drama. 97 pages.
Run time: 120 minutes
Acts: 2
Male cast: 2 (if doubled)
Female cast 2 (see note).

N.B. Full cast would be 6 except possible casting of 2W / 2M*. If played by the same two women, both as children and adults. The four male characters with smaller roles could also be doubled. If that is not feasible. Number of cast members will be adjusted accordingly.

The Frozen Honeymoon.

After having his life suspended and stored in a cryonic container, Miriam Fitzmiller is about to defrost her husband Ronald. Fifty years after their near fatal accident. The moment has arrived and she is about to revive him. Taking a gamble that the interrupted consummation of their marriage can at last be fulfilled. Making them a celebrity couple and filthy rich.

Keywords: What has changed in the world since Ronald was ‘put on ice’ so many years ago? There is an unconsummated marriage to be considered. The young husband Miriam is de-frosting is 25. She is almost 80.

Genre. Comedy
Run time: 30 minutes
Acts: 1
Cast (2) 1M / 1 W

Put a Cherry on It*.

The three characters in this play constitute the interactive elements of each and every one of us. They represent parts of the individual persona. Doing, Talking and Feeling. The physical, mental and emotional behavioural traits we utilize and combine in varying percentages. Highlighted by reactions and words, when spoken. The questions asked are: (1) in a particular set of given circumstances, how do we apply and adjust our responses to each other. And, (2) In seeking our place in the world, what are we prepared to do for acceptance (3) How do we navigate the give and take required. (4) Does that describe how other people see us and does that oppose how we would define ourselves?

Keywords: Experimental. Talking, Action and Feelings. . Creation of drawing, painting or art object in process. Possible to extend into and fundraiser. Auction

An experimental play. An ‘object d’art’ Drawing. Painting, Sculpture, Sketch, improvised and created during Act One can be offered up for auction in Act Two.

Genre: Comedy
One Act play 15 mins*
(Possible Act Two – see notes below).
Cast (3) 2 M / 1 W

The experiment suggests an Act Two which offers the piece of ‘Art’ created in Act One for auction to the audience. Serving as a fundraiser for the performance company / group.


A plan for a perfect evening. A couple celebrating their anniversary at a restaurant for the upwardly mobile. Harry, too intelligent for his own good, is determined to be on his best behavior. We sense he could be asking for trouble walking into a place outside of his comfort zone. He might have been able to handle that but what happens when an alpha male, prone to jealousy, meets a tough bug that gets up his nose. And just before dinner is about to be served?…

Keywords: A planned marital celebration marred by jealousy. Confrontation with a bug in the nose. Paranoia. A huge sneeze. All’s Well That Ends Well.

Genre: Comedy, Sketch Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 15 minutes
Male cast: 2
Female cast: 1