Poems and Stories

The Teleporter’s Handbook

Modern Fables & Tall Tales

Table of Contents

  1. The Teleporters Handbook
  2. Tank and Coco
  3. A Tall Leprechaun Tale
  4. God Bless Michael Caine
  5. Dancing with Schadenfreude
  6. Not Your Average Joe
  7. Prelude to Rehab
  8. The Chicken Chronicles, Part 1: Edward
  9. The Future of Pleasure
  10. Adonis Makes a Comeback
  11. The Inevitable Reaper

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Picasso on a Napkin

Lyric Poems, Songs, Raps & Rants

Table of Contents

I. The Lyric Poems of Sunlight & Shadows

Picasso On a Napkin.
Writer’s Block
Ode to a Zit
Refrigerator Blues
Stuff & Nonsense
Raven Rants
Professor Astrology
The Refugees
Joe Network
The Woman Who Saved Alphabet
Talk Dance

II. The Lyric Poems of Discordia


III. The Erik Satie Project

‘Moving Day’ (Operetta)
‘Moving Day’ (The Libretto Outline)
The Lyrics
Children on the Rampage
Moving Day
Imaginary Lives

IV. Reviews, Notes, Biography

Reviews of The Teleporters Handbook
Suggested Performance Notes
Additional Notes For ‘Picasso On A Napkin’
Recommended Resource Materials