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Songs and Lyrics Catalogue.

Below are a number of songs recorded by established artists together with yet to be published demo tracks with vocal and lyric links. This listing represents only a small selection of a large catalogue of songs in various genres, not listed here, but available for recording. For access to information on complete catalogue listings. Contact: for usage and availability details. All works are registered with These recordings list the composer and ALL lyrics are examples of my work.

Michael Buble ‘First Dance’ E,P.
Composer: Ron irving
One Step At A Time. (Lyric)

Broken Fences. (Nashville demo track)
Composer: Niels Petersen.
Broken Fences. (Lyric)

Roulette. Demo track
Composer / Vocal: Niels Petersen.
Roulette. (Lyric)

B.T.O. ‘Rock n’ Roll Nights’. Album.
Composer: Jim Vallance
Amelia Earhart (Lyric)

Greta Garbo. Studio demo.
Composer / Vocal: Niels Petersen.
Greta Garbo (Lyric)

Ordinary People. (Bootleg Band).
Composer; Ron irving
Winner B.C.M.A Song of the Year
Ordinary People.

Christmas Mouse

You Put A Spell On Me.
Demo track.
Composer / .Vocal: Niels Petersen.

Melody. Demo track.
Composer / Vocal: Niels Petersen.

Between A Rock (Lee Greenwood Greatest Hits Album).
Composer: Ron Irving / Larry Wayne Clark
‘Between A Rock..’ (lyrics).